FAQ for Cabaret

Welcome to the ALL STAR CABARET info page!


Our cabarets are for ages 6-29’ish and feature some of the most talented up & coming performers in the area! 


Depending on the show, and the type of music, we may have an accompanist or be performing to track. If we have an accompanist - singers also have the option to perform to a track if that is their preference.

Our performances are videotaped and you are welcome to use the videos on your reel, website or for general promotion.

There is no minimum # of tickets we require each performer to sell. Of course we hope you bring your family & friends, but we don’t set a quota per performer. The only charge the singer is responsible for is a $50 fee and that covers the music, rehearsal & both videos. 


We will rehearse at 3:30 - right before the show. This isn't a full run through from beginning to end, rather it's a chance to talk the accompanist - give him your tempo, run through a bit of the song (especially any tricky parts, etc...).  Make sure you have your music in a looseleaf binder, in plastic sheet protectors. The music should be with the pages back to back to minimize page turns. If your binder is PACKED I'd recommend taking everything out except for the two songs you're singing to keep it simple :)    Please sure sure your music is in the correct key, with all of your cuts or changes clearly marked. What's on the page is what the accompanist will play!


You also have the option to use an mp3 if you'd like. There are lots of wonderful tracks available and they sound great in the club - so that is an option as well. If your song lends itself better to using a backing track, go for it! But please send it to me a few days in advance as an mp3 file. 


Parents -- I'd prefer that you drop the kids and don't stay in the cabaret room during the rehearsal. You can wait in the bar area or walk around if you'd like. But I'd like rehearsal to be a closed rehearsal. (It spoils the fun if you've heard everyone rehearse!) I can hang onto the kids until the doors open, or if you want me to return them to after they do their rehearsal, I can do that too (if you're waiting in the bar area). 


CLOTHES -- we tend to go for trendy casual, not crazy fancy.  So most people don't wear suit & ties or over the top fancy dresses to perform. However, if that's your child's thing and that's what they want to wear, we won't stop you! I believe everyone should wear what they feel good in. I just want to let you know what people typically do. (Audience is super casual). 


VIDEO - we will be doing a video and will get it to you 7-10 after the show. You are welcome to also do your own video on your phone.


FOOD - please order food! They have an inexpensive casual bar menu and it's a $15 food/beverage minimum per person (and they prefer cash in the club). 


We open the doors at 4:30'ish (so that you can place your food orders without it disrupting the show) and start the show around 5:00 PM.


You can order your tickets for the show (none needed for the performer) at the link below. Or you can do it in cash at the day of the show.


Please arrive with your child at 3:30 for rehearsal. Thanks!!!


Any questions - please email ALLSTARCABARET@GMAIL.COM

Please email us at allstarcabaret@gmail.com